Wildlife Experiences

Choose from an array of exclusive wildlife experiences that are perfect for families, small groups or as a redeemable gift. Whether you’re want to experience the magic of a dawn chorus, uncover the secret nature found at night, or explore the edible wonders of a rock pool, there should be something in this list for everyone!

Details of each experience are provided below – all last approximately 3 hours.

Please note: Experiences can be seasonal but all efforts will be made to find a date that suits both you and the wildlife.


Experiences available for private groups starting at £175 for up to 4 people and then an additional £25 per person.

Vouchers can be purchased in advance – an ideal gift for creating memories with friends & family. 

– Vouchers are valid up to 24 months from purchase date
– All vouchers include a 5% donation to a relevant wildlife charity or project

How to Book

For more information or to discuss availability for bookings and vouchers, please send your request to info@devonwildlifetours.co.uk or phone 07989183437


Meeting just before nightfall, our goal will be to track down one of the UK’s most spectacular nocturnal species; the Nightjar. Due to their mysterious nature and appearance, nightjars have featured in many myths and legends. During this experience you’ll get to learn all about the life of this nighthawk as we use a mix of ‘novel’ techniques in attempt to get close to our target. Several additional species may be encountered including bats, owls and if we’re extremely lucky we may even uncover a Glow Worm.

Location: Fixed

Time of day: Evening

Available: May – Jul



Since their introduction sometime around 2008, Beavers and people have learnt to live side by side on the River Otter, making it one of the best sites in the country to spot this animal living in the wild. During this evening experience, we will walk the river learning about these incredible environmental engineers, spotting field signs, and hopefully ending with a memorable encounter. Although we can never guarantee sightings our success-rate is ~95% so we stand a good chance. The river is home to other special wildlife with Dippers regularly seen and occasionally Otter! 

Location: Fixed (please note: group size is limited to 4 people)

Time of day: Evening

Available: Jun – Sep

Birds by Bike

Cycle and bird-watch your way along the stunning River Exe estuary, as we visit many of its best wildlife-watching sites on route. Starting at Dawlish Warren, we’ll follow the largely flat and off-road National Cycle Network pathway, making for comfortable and accessible cycling. Spread over either a half or whole day, we’ll have regular stops for short walks and comfort breaks (including cake!). With excellent birding and exceptionally beautiful views of the estuary, this route is easily one of the best places in the country for birding by bike.

Don’t own a bike? No problem; an option to hire bikes is available at the start of the route. 

Location: River Exe 

Time of day: Any

Available: Year-round


Devon boasts an impressive variety of bats with 16 of the 18 known UK species recorded in the county. This experience is your chance to uncover the magic and mystery of these unique mammals as we use the latest detector technology during our bat walk, starting just before dark. Our aim will be to track down as many species as possible, learning all about their specialist adaptations and habitat preferences along the way. With a bit of luck, we’ll encounter some of the largest and spectacular species such as Lesser and Greater Horseshoes, Pipistrelles and Long Eared bats.

Location: Flexible

Time of day: Evening

Available: May – Oct

Dawn Chorus

Awake for the first kiss of the freshly risen sun, surrounded by a growing euphony of spring songs, each taking its cue from the start of another. The dawn chorus really is one of the most glorious natural phenomena we can experience and wonderfully accessible to all. During this experience, we will arrive under the cover of darkness before positioning ourselves in the heart of the action. Learn all about why the chorus takes place, the species involved and how to pick out some of the songs for yourself! There really is no more magical start to the day.

Location: Flexible

Time of day: Early morning

Available: Mar – May

Wild Seaside

As the waves retreat, a window into the secret world of our seas is revealed. During this experience we will explore the coast, comb the beaches for natural treasures and peek into any rock pools left behind. Who knows what we might find; a skulking crab, delicate star fish, an exquisitely patterned shell? All are possible! Not forgetting the many birds to spot which call our coastline home and, if the season allows, we may even rustle up a little wild foraged snack along the way!

Location: Flexible

Time of day: Variable (tide dependent)

Available: Jan – Dec

Winter Waders

The River Exe is a bird watching paradise – and at no better time than winter, when over twenty thousand migrating birds join local populations to see out the winter in the nutrient rich mud and waters. During this experience we will walk around some of the best sites on the estuary to view this winter spectacle, identify the incredible birds and learn about the habitat they depend on to survive. With one of the best local farm shops near by, there’s ample opportunity to warm up with a hot drink and some delicious homemade cake too – yum!

Location: Fixed

Time of day: Variable (tide dependent)

Available: Oct – Feb

Walk in your Wild

Do you have somewhere special you’d like help exploring? Want to learn more about its wildlife and the species living near to you? This experience offers you the chance to have a guided wildlife walk in your local area*, exploring one of your favourite patches, and focusing on the wildlife most closely associated to you. It may be a local nature reserve, favoured walking route, or it may even just be the area around your home – this experience is designed to be flexible to suit you.

Location: Flexible (*additional fees may apply)

Time of day: Any

Available: Jan – Dec

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